CompCam Doorbell Camera

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CompCam Doorbell Camera


2-Way Talk, 1-Way Video

Have a two-way conversation with visitors and see them

Night Vision

Clearly see who's at your front door day or night.

CompCam Smart Clips

Watch 30-second video clips on-demand.

Custom Notifications

Receive alerts and notifications on your mobile device so you never miss a visitor.

Wide-angle Lens

Provides a 180 ? wide-angle view of your entire doorstep landscape.

CompCam Sky Integration

Unlock your front door, open your garage, turn on lights,and more.

Smart Visitor Detection

Recognizes people so you don't receive notifications every time a car drives by your home

CompCam Playback

Records 24/7 continuous video for up to 4 cameras, for up to 30 days.

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See everything outside your door at any time

See everything outside your door at any time

CompCam Doorbell Camera brings elegant design, understated form, and high-tech function to your entryway. More useful than an old ding-dong doorbell, more subtle than a security camera, it’s a video doorbell with a 180-degree lens, HD resolution, and infrared night vision to see everything outside your door at any hour.

Minimalist design to blend seamlessly with your entryway

An ominous surveillance camera overlooking a welcome mat might send visitors a mixed message. The minimalist design of CompCam Doorbell Camera mimics a regular doorbell to blend seamlessly with your home exterior and keep your entryway feeling like a meeting place, not a TSA checkpoint. Visitors can ring and communicate with ease.

A video doorbell lets you answer your door from anywhere

With its built-in two-way talk, CompCam Doorbell Camera lets you talk to visitors even when you’re away. That way you can get package deliveries stored someplace safe, not left out in the open. And when a surprise visitor catches you off guard, you can make other arrangements.

Advanced notice when someone stops by

Advanced notice when someone stops by

You can’t predict who might show up unannounced, or when. With a discreet video doorbell, it won’t matter. Smart motion detection notifies you when someone approaches so you’ll know they’re outside before they ever ring. You’ll know even if they knock. Rest easy as the CompCam Doorbell Camera works to keep you aware of what’s happening on your porch with features that make it easy to see it all and stay safe. When you hear that chime, you’ll know who’s there before you even answer.


CompCam Doorbell Camera


Field of view


Night Vision

2 high-powered infrared LEDs (850nm)


Encoding up to 720p HD


Built-in speaker and microphone

Camera lens

1.3-megapixel sensor


Approx. 4.45"h x 1.50"w x 1.18"d


3.8 oz



Power usage

12-24VAC or DC, 1.0A min.

Connectivity requirements

Wi-Fi connection: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a front door camera improve my home security?


Compcam Doorbell Camera isn’t only one of the smallest, but also one of the smartest outdoor cameras in the security market. It provides homeowners with valuable benefits beyond simply knowing there's a visitor at the door. Here are just a few:

  • A front door camera lets you know the identity of the visitor before opening the door.
  • You know which family member is the right one to send to the door.
  • Anything that happens on your doorstep gets recorded.

How does a smart doorbell make me more productive?


The electric doorbell first appeared back in the early 1800s. Originally intended as a simple alert signifying doorstep visitors, today's wireless doorbell technology improves upon the basic notification in many ways that make managing your home more efficient.

Life happens at the front door.

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