RDS Encoder & MP3 Streamer

Display Song Information

CompCam RDS Encoder can send A&T (PAD) information to the transmitter exciter as well as to your streaming server. The information can be retrieved from an automation server like Simian or using our audio fingerprinting service.

  • Send song info to transmitter and streaming server
  • Get song info from automation server
  • Or get song info from our audio fingerprinting service

Stream Audio to Shoutcast / Icecast

The RDS Encoder app can send a MP3 stream to any server for live internet streaming. You can change the bitrate, frequency, and mono/stereo to best fit your needs.

  • Send live MP3 feed to streaming server
  • User configurable MP3 feed



SoundExchange Reporting

The RDS Encoder app logs all of the information required by SoundExchange to create a monthly report you can send directly to them.

  • Logs
    • Name of Track
    • Name of Artist
    • Album Name
    • Marketing Label
    • Actual Total Performances
  • Monthly report downloadable as CSV
  • Daily reports downloadable as CSV

System Requirements
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Sound Recording Hardware Requirements
  • Computer sound card for single channel recording
  • Other USB sound devices

CompCam RDS Encoder is a 32 bit application, so please make sure your hardware comes with 32 bit drivers.